Thomas J Salzano: Best Museums in The World

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Museums are the best place to visit if you are too connected and obsessed with antique objects and human history, says Thomas J Salzano, a famous antiquity dealer. As a child, you may have visited the museum but may not have understood the importance of the antique pieces kept behind the glass. To preserve these ancient and priceless antique collections is not an easy task; these antique pieces are preserved… Read More »Thomas J Salzano: Best Museums in The World

Thomas Salzano: Buying and Selling Antiquities

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Antique things and exclusive antique pieces are back in trend. Earlier people started selling antique pieces for money and preferred modern things. This is when the value of the antique piece was not that high but now the tables have turned and antique things are back in trend with high demand. Many antiquities dealers like Thomas J Salzano have expanded their outreach as the demand for antique pieces has increased.… Read More »Thomas Salzano: Buying and Selling Antiquities