Thomas J Salzano: Must-Visit Museums for Jewelry Lovers

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The beauty of royal jewellery is way beyond imagination,” says Thomas J Salzano, an antiquities dealer and a famous blogger. The jewellery from the ancient time preserved and kept safely are an element of attraction for jewellery lovers. There are a number of Jewellery pieces and sets kept in museums making them more special and priceless.

In this post today, Thomas J Salzano has shared a list of museums known for the ancient jewellery items kept there.

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Those who love jewellery especially traditional or royal designs must visit these museums to admire the beauty of the precious jewellery preserved: 

  • The Louvre

It is one of the biggest museums in Paris, France known for the jewellery collection from Roman, Etruscan, Egyptian, New Eastern and Greek antiquities from the 18th and 19th centuries. 

  • Cooper- Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

It is a design museum located in New York City. You will find a number of jewellers sketches and preparatory drawings here. 

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This museum has a collection of jewellery objects from ancient times till the present. You will find a variety of jewellery pieces here.

  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Museum of Fine Arts is another popular museum in Boston known for its jewellery collection. The museum believes in the concept of “Looking to the past for inspiration”

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  • Museum of Arts & Design

The museum has a collection of jewellery pieces mainly from the modern era. The museum also exhibited “Highlights from the Jewellery Collection” which features pieces by more than 84 artists in a variety of media that are presented in interactive drawers. 

These are some popular museums known for their jewellery collection. Thomas J Salzano says people visit these museums to take inspiration and become familiar with the trends that already existed and how the designs evolved. These days we see so many modern designs and collections that are inspired by these old trends.

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