Thomas J Salzano: List of Important Ancient Coins

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Your habit of collecting coins can change your life as the value of some specific ancient coins is in millions,” says Thomas J Salzano, an antiquities dealer and a blogger.

Coin collection is a passion of many and these days there are so many online websites where you can buy and sell precious coins based on the year and series that the coin belongs to.

Thomas Salzano - Gold and Precious Gems (3)

But do you know that there are many ancient coins that are precious and all have a different reason to be on the list of the most important ancient coins?

Today in this post Thomas J Salzano has shared the list of some most important ancient coins that you must be aware of. Let’s take a look at the list:

  • The Brutus “Eid Mar” Denarius, 42 BC
  • The Athens Decadrachm, 460-430 BC
  • The Dekadrachm of Syracuse, 400-390 BC
  • The Akragas Decadrachm, 411 BC
  • The Naxos Tetradrachm, 460 BC
  • The Gold Stater of Croesus, 550 BC
  • The Titus Colosseum Sestertius, 81-82 AD
  • The Portrait Denarius of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, 32 BC
  • The Nero Port of Ostia Sestertius, 64 AD
  • The Final Ancient Coin: Portrait Denarius of Julius Caesar, 44 BC
Thomas J Salzano - Ming Dynasty Gold Tripod Vessel

These are some of the precious coins among which some commemorate mohair historical moments, movements, existence and culture in the history of western civilization.

Thomas J Salzano says that each generation has different objectives to collect coins and make them fit in a special category.

In case you suspect to have any ancient coin there are many websites where you can find information about the ancient coins and evaluate on your own its worth.

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