Thomas J Salzano: Antique Mirror Type and Style Trending

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“Things that were considered as antique are back in trend, with some moderation to make them a part of our lives today,” says Thomas J Salzano, an antique dealer and a blogger. Mirror has always been a must-have item of decoration and use but the design and efficiency to use have changed over the years.

As a fact in ancient times, people used reflections in pools of water to evaluate appearance before mirrors were invented or could be afforded by people at that time.

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With the focus on antique mirror here is a list of mirrors shared by Thomas J Salzano that you will be surprised to know about:

  • Gothic Mirrors: These mirrors were popular during the 12th to 16th century. These mirrors were back in trend in the 19th century and are still seen in the market.
  • Baroque Mirrors: These mirrors were popular in the 17th century. The use of gold, silver and other materials such as tortoiseshell and ebony are used to decorate the mirror. These are again back in trend.
  • Rococo Mirrors: leaves, flowers, birds or ribbons were carved on the mirror especially at the top. A similar trend can be seen nowadays.
  • Georgian Mirrors: This is a simple design mirror with almost no cravings along with the frame. A very elegant design that is in-trend nowadays.
  • Neoclassical mirrors: These mirrors were popular in the late 18th century. They had mimic columns and medallion cravings at the top.
  • Regency Mirrors: These mirrors were popular in England in the 1800s. You must have seen these oval-shaped mirrors in many movies and series depicting 1800s England. 
  • French Mirrors: These are more of a geometrical type of mirrors that have columns, panelling and hand bevelled designs. This type of mirror is perfect for homes that have a lot of wooden work done.
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These are some trending antique style mirrors that Thomas J Salzano suggests considering buying if you are looking for something traditional.

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