Thomas J Salzano: List of Contentious Items Held in Museums

There are a lot of items found, preserved, and at the time lost that were antique as they were owned by our ancestors years also, says Thomas J Salzano an antiquities Dealer. Such precious antique items are kept in museums across the world. But as a fact, some of these antique items are said to be contentious, from the British Museum’s and hold a strong history and value.


Here is a list of some most contentious items help in museums shared by Thomas J Salzano that will make you more curious to know about such items:


  1. “Dippy” at London’s National History Museum

  2. “The Parthenon Sculptures” at the British Museum’s Collection since 1816

  3. “Priam’s Treasure” at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow

  4. “The Rosetta Stone”  is in the British Museum’s vast collection of artefacts

  5. “The Gurlitt Collection” discovered in Munich flat of reclusive art collector Cornelius Gurlitt

  6. “Bust of Nefertiti” at the newly restored Neues Museum in Berlin

  7. “The Benin Plaques” are kept in various museums in England, Europe, and America

  8. “Dea di Morgantina” at the Museo di Aidone in Sicily

  9. “The New York City Picassos” at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and Guggenheim Museum

  10. “Amarna Princess” at Bolton Museum

These are the top ten contentious items held in museums that are worth seeing. Other than these are a few more such items that can be added to the list but the debate on are the real or fake is still on. This is why those antique items are not a part of the list yet. The best example here is the “Study by Candlelight”. Thomas J Salzano says that such items add pride to the city that belongs to, also the proper maintenance and display of such precious antique items add to the popularity of the city or country they belong to.

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