Thomas J Salzano: What are the Types of Antiques?

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To collect antiques can be a hobby or passion, but sometimes you are not even aware of the fact that you own a precious antique item, says Thomas J Salzano an antiquities Dealer.

People are not aware of the type of antique items that are not just precious but hold monetary value. Many live with the myth that the discovered items from ancient graves, monuments, or lime from random sites while digging are considered antique items.

Items that were possible are more than a century old and are known for being rare, valuable and exquisite are typically categorised as antique items.

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To share some clarity on “What are the type of antique items that you can own” here is a list shared by Thomas J Salzano:

  • Art Antiques

People generally neglect the old art piece that they have at their place. For those who are not aware of the worth of an art piece, they are very rare and are one of the most valuable antique items, as they are one of their kind.

This means cross-checks before you plan to dump an old painting in your home, check the name of the artist and google if you suspect it to be antique.

Paintings are worth millions, and antique collectors pay high to own such items.

  • Jewellery Antiques

Jewellery items and watches are other common forms of antique items. Jewellery items from Europe hold great value, as most such items are discovered in premeds by the researchers.

Clocks are also among the popular jewellery collections if they originate from Europe especially. Other items like a music box is also an item that fits their antique collection list.

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  • English Porcelain

Porcelain was popular in the 17th century in Europe. They were created by the Chinese and were exported to Europe. Therefore, if you own an English porcelain rare 18th-century antique item, you actually own a precious thing popular among antique collectors. The 17th-century porcelain is antique because of its signature style and design. 

  • Figurine Antiques

Figurine Antiques items are small statutes that depict an animal or human figures, that are collected by people. Ceramic, glass, metal are some common examples of figurine antique items that are old & rare, passed on for generations that make them extremely rare and valuable. 

  • Jade Antiques

Jade is basically a type of stone that was used in ancient China as an accessory. It is a jewellery stone that is still in demand by Chinese people all over the world.

The stone holds the same value as gold and other precious types of stone, whose value appreciates with time.

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These are some popular types of antique collection items, followed by collecting antique bottles, coins, stamps, currencies, etc. A small decorative piece in your house can also be an antique item, so it’s always better to evaluate such items before you discard them.

Thomas J Salzano says, that like us our grandparents also are not aware of the popularity of antique items, so for a safer side, just evaluate such suspected items. The best example watches, and music box, that are commonly found in our homes, and can turn out to be a rare and precious item.

A little research and consultation from experts can help to evaluate, sell, and buy such precious antique items.

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