Thomas J Salzano: All About Gold and Precious Gems Unearthed in the 5th Century

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Ancient discoveries, especially things like gold and gems, build more crusty houses among locals and experts, says Thomas Salzano, a renowned antiquities dealer, and a blogger. Every time when we hear about a new discovery the crusty to explore, see and know about what is the discovery all about and what history it holds builds among the people.

Today we talk about one such discovery of “Gold and precious gems unearthed in the 5th-century grave in Bohemia.”

It is said that 1,600 years ago, there was a woman in eastern Bohemia that is now known as the Czech Republic. She was buried with a treasure trove of very precious objects, which included a headdress and 4 silver buckles that were embedded with gold and augmented with semi-precious stones.

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This discovery was made in the year 2019, archaeologists with the East Bohemian Museum in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. They have recently shared their findings in an official statement.

The findings included the headdress that was beautifully decorated with golden discs, a bone comb, glass beads, a ceramic pot, and an iron knife was found near the remains.

Whereas there were other five graves near the buried site that contained skeletons but nothing else was in those 5 graves. The experts say that those graves were looted and nothing precious was left behind. The things that were found in those graves were no-precious objects like swords and knives.

As per the research theory the woman is suspected to be aged between 35 to 50 years old when she died. The research shared also pointed towards two different types of fabric on the silver buckled that belonged to two different textiles. One is suspected to be likely the article of clothing, whereas the other may have been a coat, the cloth used to cover the body of the woman at the time of the funeral.

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There was a trace of fur and leather on the buckles. As per the analysis of the ceramic pot, there was some trace of chemicals of certain fats and acids suspecting that it was used for activities like cooking and storing meat.

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Whereas the other graves when analyzed were said to be of people between the age of 16 to 55 years when they died. When asked for more details related to the other five graves, the experts said that the skeletons were badly damaged as we suspect that the graves were looted. It is very difficult to identify the gender or any other specific details of the individuals. But the close examination of these skeletons did reveal some clues related to the health of the buried people.

During the examination process, one of the individuals showed traces of cancer on the skull and pelvis, as per the statement by the researchers. Whereas some bones indicated signs of arthritis, among them all one skeleton when examined showed that they carried muscle mass asymmetrically, which clearly indicates the chances of death by a stroke.

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The examination is still in process with the aim of finding something that gives more clarity about the skeletons and history that they hold. Some major tests like DNA analysis, radiocarbon dating are still awaited, which may give more clarity about the discovered skeletons.

For now, the center of attraction is the woman and the precious belongings that were found, says Thomas J Salzano. We shall wait for more details regarding the findings, but for now, this is all that we know about this discovery.

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