Thomas J Salzano: Some Most Valuable “Antiques Roadshow” Items

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Antique items hold emotions, people feel connected to them and acknowledge them throughout their lives, says Thomas J Salzano a popular antiquities dealer. There are many among you who look forward to exhibitions, antique roadshow and similar events where antique owners bring their items to be appraised by experts.

The most popular show based on antique items was am American television program “Antiques Roadshow.” The popularity of this show was very high and many antique owners participated with their most expensive antique items to be appraised by experts.

This show was a hit, and the best part of this show was that people got to know about antique items and their importance. Whereas on the other hand, the antique owners got to know the true value of the items they own making them more special for them.

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Let’s take a look at some most valuable Antiques Roadshow items shared by Thomas J Salzano: 

  • Maquette of the Angel of the North

The Angel and the maquette are owned by Gateshead Council and the employee who brought it along to the Roadshow. It is probably the most successful contemporary sculpture in Britain.

  • Jardiniere by Christofle

The Parisian Bronze Jardiniere had a remarkable turnaround in fortunes. It was sold at auction in September 2012 for £560,000 (excluding any type of commission) 

  • Van Dyck Painting

The painting was bought by Fiona Bruce during a Roadshow in Cirencester for just £400 in 1992. After the painting was authenticated the value raised to £400k by expert Philip Mould. 

  • Mobile Lovers by Banksy

The painting shows mobile lovers a couple embracing while checking their mobile phones. This amazing painting was sold in the year 2014 for £403,000.

  • Crawley Silver

The Crawley Silver purchase moment is considered to be the most memorable Antiques Roadshow moments when back in 1994 a young boy bought a stunning silver collection. It was a rare collection of items, such as an early wine taster and stirrup cups. The whole collection was sold for £350,000.

  • Gold Leica 2 Luxus Camera

The owner of this gold Leica 2 Luxus camera owned this camera for 45 years and did not consider it anything unusual. The initial value was estimated to be  £5,000 but after 12 years when it went up for sale it was sold in Hong Kong for  £320,000.

  • John F Kennedy’s Jacket

It is a leather jacket owned by John F Kennedy was valued at between £200,000-300,000. The Antiques Roadshow expert Jon Baddeley called this jacked an “iconic piece.”

  • Painting by William Orpen

It is an original painting by Sir William Orpen of his mistress reported to be a spy in the First World War. Originally seen at an Antiques Roadshow it was initially valued at £30,000. But further research proved there was another version of the painting and it was Rupert Maas who revalued it at £250.000.

  • 18th Century Apothecary Desk

A desk that has 421 drawers is itself a unique creation. This quality of furniture should be insured for at least £200,000.

  • Collection of Wartime Pigeon Memorabilia

It is a collection of wartime Dickin Medals, that were valued by experts between £180,000 – 200,000.

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There is a long list of such valuable antique items that were a part of the “Antique Roadshow.”  Thomas J Salzano says the beauty of antique items can never fade away and the value increases with each passing year. So the best thing to do is to keep your antique collection safe and never miss a chance to review it by experts and showcase it for others to admire and get inspired.

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