Thomas J Salzano – Tips To Identify A Fake Antique Watch

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Purchasing antique items requires a good knowledge about “How to identify the real and fake items” to avoid fraud, says Thomas J Salzano, an antiquities dealer.

The first thing that a buyer is attracted to is ‘How Antique the item is” and then by the cost. But duplicity is the new trend in the market which traps the buyer with no or vague knowledge of the antique items in fraud trading.

There are many items like a watch that can easily be replicated and sold to you as an antique watch. How do you identify the fake item is the main question here. So to help you out identifying the fake antique watch, Thomas J Salzano has shared a few points that will help you while purchasing an antique watch.

Thomas J Salzano Captured antiquities
  • Don’t Purchase from a Questionable Dealer

Purchasing from an approved dealer is advisable or from any reputable second-hand source. As said before it is easy to duplicate a watch and if you do not have good knowledge about antique pieces, you should only prefer a reliable source for selling and purchasing antique items. 

  • Suspect if the watch is gifted

Only in case you are aware of the fact that the person who gifted you a watch will never get into a trap of fraud, you can rely on the source. But as per the records mostly the gifted watches are not antique. We do not use the term fraud here as this is related to someone’s emotions as the intention of giving it to you may be pure.  But yes, a gifted watch should be suspected and do conform before you declare it an antique watch. 

  • Required indications

There is a big difference between an antique watch and a modern watch. An antique watch will not have a chronograph or automatic time on the watch dial. In case, you have a watch with “repeater”, “quarters”, or “minutes” do suspect the reliability factor as it could be a fake antique watch. Also, pay attention to the spelling of all words cautiously as counterfeits are often quite relaxed when it comes to orthography. Suspect if the watch has a distinct lack of chronograph functions, as it’s probably going to be a fake antique watch. 

  • Rust, scratches and Unsightly peeling is not the real signs

To make a watch look antique the fraud traders will make attempts to give the watch a similar look to an antique watch. There are many new buyers who think that rust, scratches and unsightly peeling are the signs that the watch is antique. But is it not true. The best thing to do here is to talk to the local retailer about the antique watch you are planning to buy. But as suggested by Thomas J Salzano earlier, you should only buy from an official specialist on whom you can rely on. 

  • A unique look can be a fraud

Most people think that the look of the watch dial is unique and exclusive and happily considers it as an antique watch. It is easy to suspect if the antique watch you are buying is wacky shaped and obscure dials. The best advice here is to consult an expert or as mentioned earlier buy from a licensed dealer.

Buying an antique piece is not just about the heavy investment but also about the passion and emotions attached to the purchase say, Thomas Salzano. Also, it is a fact that fraud can happen anytime with anyone if purchasing from a questionable dealer or source. So even if you are a regular buyer of antique pieces you should buy from a reliable source is the best advice that Thomas J Salzano feels every buyer of the antique items should consider.