Thomas J Salzano: About the Peaceful Face of the 2400yr old Tollund Man

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There are millions of ancient mysteries that are unsolved or are still under debate, but only a few ancient stories, monuments, and discoveries become notable and famous, says Thomas J Salzano, an antiquity dealer, and a blogger. The experts sometimes spend their whole life decoding the mystery and sometimes the facts are crystal clear that gives insights about human existence and culture in the ancient period.

For all those who share a great interest in ancient things like Thomas does will love to read about the preserved face from Prehistoric Denmark and what is the tale of ritual sacrifice.

Let’s read about the Peaceful Face of the 2400yr old Tollund Man

Tollund Man is a naturally mummified body of a man who lived during the 4th Century BC, during the period of the Pre-Roman Iron Age. It is said that he was hanged as a sacrifice to the gods and later was placed in a peat bog where he remained preserved for more than 2 millennia. The Tollund Man’s face is also famous because of the calm and peaceful look upon his face, as though looking upon a sleeping man. 

Who Identified the Tollund Man?

Everything that is discovered has a story behind it, same is the case with the mystery of the Tollund Man. In the year 1950 on May 6th, two brothers cutting peat in the Bjaeldskovdal bog came across a lifeless body of a man. They say that the man’s physical features so well-preserved that they thought it was a recent murder victim and the police were called.

There were two more same discoveries in the years 1927 and 1938 where an archaeologist named P.V. Glob to view the discovery.

Examination of the Tollund Man

After the discovery, the examination of the Tollund Man at the National Museum of Denmark in the year 1950 revealed some unusual well-preserved body of an adult male who was approx five feet tall and as per estimation 40 years old when he died. The wrinkles in his skin, his eyelashes, and the stubble on his chain were easily observed in minute detail. His last meal was suspected to be made from 40 different kinds of seeds grains.

Tollund Man was found naked apart from a leather cap and wide belt around his waist. There was a leather rope around his neck tightened in a noose. There was no doubt that he was hanged but why? It is a big question that experts needed to find out.

The question was that was he a criminal, or a part of ritual sacrifice? As a fact the body of Tollund Man showed no signs of injuries or trauma, only one thing was clear that he was hanged for the only mark found on his body. The way the Tollund man was buried and the sleeping position in which he was found it was clear he was not a common criminal for sure. 

What experts think

In the Iron Age, the body of a dead man was cremated in a funeral pyre and the ashes were placed in an urn, but in the case of Tolland Man, he was buried in a watery place where the European people believed they could communicate with their many gods and goddesses. 

Considering all these factors, the archaeologists believe that Tollund Man was ritually sacrificed. He may have been an offering to the god. 

Where is Tollund Man Now?

Tollund Man is in a special room at the Silkeborg Museum.


The Tollund Man has brought into notice a new vivid detail of life and deaths of the people of prehistoric Denmark. For all those who feel like watching this amazing preserved face of the Tollund Man can visit the Silkeborg Museum.

Thomas says it’s a great story that you can share with your kids and connect them with a bright side of history and culture. Such stores encourage the young generation to read and research about ancient discoveries.

For more such true facts and tales about ancient times keep reading blogs published by Thomas J Salzano.