Thomas Salzano: Buying and Selling Antiquities

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Antique things and exclusive antique pieces are back in trend. Earlier people started selling antique pieces for money and preferred modern things. This is when the value of the antique piece was not that high but now the tables have turned and antique things are back in trend with high demand. Many antiquities dealers like Thomas J Salzano have expanded their outreach as the demand for antique pieces has increased.

Buying and selling antique art requires expert knowledge, research, and representatives that are legally allowed to deal with antique art.

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What all to consider while buying or selling antiquities:

  • You need to be sure that the piece has been excavated legally
  • Make sure that the antiquities are legally exported and imported.
  • Check the legal records of the antiquities that were tagged, reported and reported by the proper legal authorities.

Thomas J Salzano being an antiquity dealer has some suggestions for all those who want to buy or sell the antiquity art:

  • When you are sure that selling the antiquities is under legally right then you are good to go to sell your items. There is no need to contact a dealer always, yes you may consult a dealer but at the same time, you can explore the other options like selling and buying online on platforms like eBay.
  • In case you have tons of antiquities art for sale it is advisable to first consult the experts to know the right value of the piece and then plan for selling the items. You may sell it online or start your own website or online business to buy the items on sale.
  • The traditional and one of the best ways is to sell it with the help of a dealer or sell it to a dealer. The antiquities dealers are experts and have proper knowledge about the antiquities market, rates, customers and legal clauses related to buying and selling of antiquities.

Other than knowledge about the antiquities you must have knowledge about the legal boundaries related to selling and buying antiquities. There are different legal acts that you must know about and abide by when trading such items. International and National laws exist to protect antiquities objects from opportunistic removal that is looting and the resulting loss of context. The UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, export, and transfer of the ownership of Cultural Property (UNESCO 1970) is the major authority associated with antiquities art and items.

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Acts that govern Purchase and Sales of antiquities:

  • Important provisions include Article 6(b) that requires all the countries to control the exportation of cultural property from their territory.
  • Whereas Article 7(b) requires all the countries to prohibit the import of cultural property stolen from any museum, or other similar institution.
  • Article 9 allows counties whose cultural property is in jeopardy to call upon other countries for assistance through measures like export control.

There are many such laws and legal restrictions on the buying and selling of antiquities due to security reasons. The laws depend from country to country and from the government to government. So, in this case, you keep yourself updated with the laws related to antiquity sale and purchase before engaging in any trading activity.

Thomas says yes, the fact is true that digitalization has made it easy for everyone to buy and sell products but it is important from the seller and the buyer side to only engage in those activities that are legal and do not put you in trouble. In case you are new in the business or you are a first time seller or buyer it is advisable to consult and take advice from expert dealers or official authorities associated with antiquities.

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