Thomas J Salzano – All You Need to Know About the Earliest Bronze Age Culture

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Thomas J Salzano, a history scholar gained a lot of interest in the ancient stories and research work. Thomas J Salzano is an ethnographic and antiquities dealer. He loves to read about the antique pieces and the history behind it. Thomas also has a beautiful collection of antique pieces and vast knowledge about history.

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Let’s start with the Bronze Age Culture

The period between the stone age and the iron age is called the ‘Bronze Age.’ Bronze age started when humans started working with metal. Bronze tools and weapons soon replaced the earlier stone tools.

As a guess, the Ancient Sumerians in the middle east may have been the 1st people to enter the Bronze Age. This is the same period when the humans moved forward towards advancements like the first writing systems, and the invention of the wheel.

The first part of the Bronze Age was called the Chalcolithic which refers to the use of pure copper and stone tools. The end of the Bronze age was the start of the Iron age. As earlier the iron was used for decoration items or possible as coins.

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Bronze Age Civilizations 

As said before the Sumerians started using bronze first. They called themselves the Sag-giga, the “black-headed ones.” Sumerians also invented “cuneiform script” which is one of the earliest forms of writing. 

Babylonia now know as Iraq, rose in 1900 B.C. They came up with Hammurabi one of the world’s earliest and complete written legal codes.

Bronze Age: China and Greece

The bronze age was also followed in China in the year 1600-1046 B.C. In Greece around 3200 B.C. Both the countries had unique bronze innovations like in China they made chariots, weapons, and vessels were made from bronze. Whereas in Greece the Minoan civilization emerged. The Minoans were traders who exported timber, olive oil, wine and dye to nearby Egypt, Syria, Cyprus and the Greek mainland. This resulted in flourishing their culture during the Bronze Age.

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The Collapse of the Bronze Age 

The end of the bronze age was around 1200 B.C. in the Middle East, North Africa, and Mediterranean Europe. The major Bronze Age Civilizations included Mycenaean Greece, the Hittite Empire in Turkey and Ancient Egypt.

With the end of the Bronze Age, the Iron age started with more development and innovation done by humans.

This is a brief about the Bronze age, says Thomas J Salzano. It covers almost all the main points you should know about the Bronze Age.

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